tauplitzpow16 edit

find a short edit about our recent campervan trip to the tauplitz in styria, austria, here 🙂

Stephanie Jagl-Posch

last weekend, we decided to venture out on a short trip to the tauplitz, where the snow forecast had predicted about 40cm of fresh snow. coincidentally, we met two riding buddies of ours there, mat and oli, and so we enjoyed two days of riding in a group of four snow hungry friends.

the question of the weekend that caused some fiery discussions between mat and oli: does riding hellbents make you unlearn how to ski? what do you think? post your opinion below! 😉

tauplitzpow16 from Stephanie Jagl-Posch on Vimeo.

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A road trip to the west of Austria – searching for the powder at the end of the old year

This entry might be an anti-thesis to Stephi’s strategy to deal with the lack of snow. I went and searched for the beloved white stuff. It was a long way to get there, but lucky as I was I had good company in the person of Mikaela Hollsten, a good friend and impressive snowboarder. Not everything worked out easy on this tip sharing the car with (nice) strangers, full slopes because of the Christmas holidays, struggles to find accommodation and endless hikes to get to untracked powder fields. Still, for me it totally payed off. I just need to be up high in the mountains every now and then, just surrounded by snow and rocks after an exhausting hike, watching the jackdaws circling in the air….

manuela mandl winterlife

This is a hard winter. Maybe those climatic circumstances are not even worth calling winter. Most of the Alps are brownish green up to high altitudes. Be it climate change, which would be very bad, or bad luck, which is not much better, there are ways to escape into the white.

P1070342_rew_smallSo, what does one do, when one is already craving for powder? You go and search for it, check webcams and data from weather stations and then pick out the spots with the thickest potential snow layer. It would be best to explore the spots with local knowledge. As I’m definitely no native to the west of Austria, I had to try it without local knowledge, but with a good friend, who is always up for any kind of adventure: Mikaela Hollsten. For five days we shared our passion, hunted the powder, took pictures and escaped daily life.

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go with the flow!

read about my strategy to survive the emotional rollercoaster that is a snow-less winter 😉

Stephanie Jagl-Posch

relaxing with a view! relaxing with a view!

let me get this straight – i love winter sports. i love splitboard touring, i love snowboarding, i love cross country skiing, i love going for a walk in a wintery wonderland. last winter, i was very frustrated by the weather. we had had only a few powder days here in eastern austria, and it didn’t look much better in western austria. i was in a bad mood, constantly waiting for this one big dump that i had hoped for since the season before. but it never came.
we enjoyed some really great days in the mountains, but it just didn’t feel like a proper winter.

about 10 years ago, we would get lots of snow, even in the flat lands of eastern austria. when you were unlucky, you had to shovel yourself a passage through a snow windlip on the street to my parents‘ village to…

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Splitboard Article in Volume Magazine

an article by Roman and myself about splitboarding recently got published in the austrian music magazine Volume as part of their Freeride Special.

Stephanie Jagl-Posch

a short time ago, Roman and myself were asked to write an article for an austrian music magazine called Volume for their Freeride Special on the topic of Splitboarding. we sat down, thought about it, started to write, erased parts again but finally finished the piece and called it „Split it – Die Geschichte des Splitboards und wofür es gut ist“.

Volume Magazin

read it online here:
-> http://www.volume.at/magazin/kategorie-uebersicht/detailansicht/m05/4856/

thanks to Stephan from Die Bergstation for inviting us to be part of this Freeride Special!

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Open Faces Obergurgl/Hochgurgl and Austrian Freeride Master – contest no. 6

Happiness is ruling the world!

manuela mandl winterlife

I couldn’t be happier. I won the FWQ**** in Obergurgl/Hochgurg and I’m Austrian Freeride Master, that’s a pretty cool title, which will help to excuse the high number of gap years in my CV;)

MyLine_small my line

The face in Hochgugl/Obergurgl the ‚Hangerer‘, is extremely steep and rocky, a perfect, technical face. It’s bigger than it seems and very hard to orientate as it’s rolling in the top part. From the start gate and also during the hike up, one can’t really check the line. This leads to a very exciting atmosphere at the start, I never felt that nervous before, and even some minutes before the start I wasn’t really sure if I would actually find my line and if there would be still snow in it.


So it was an interesting situation, because I had to trust in my capabilities I acquired over the years.

The Face check took…

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searching for gratification- tails of an adventure around the corner_1

Dreaming of winter, while there is actually powder and I’m bound to Vienna….the second part will be written soon….

manuela mandl winterlife

22nd to 26th of February 2014 Just around the corner of my homespot, there are some huts from the Austrian Alpenverein (alpine association) in the backcountry. A couple of them have a winter room(Winterraum), where one can stay for a few days. Some of those rooms have a stove, others not, some may have wood, others not. That’s what you have to figure out, when you get the key from the person running the hut in summer. The one we went for had a stove but no wood.


We decided to bring up wood, 30kg, to be precisely, stored on sledges which we would fix to our backpacks. That lead to an awfully exhausting ascent, where we barely made it into the winterroom of the hut before darkness. After approximately 15km and 900m of altitude the hot tea from the first melted water tasted better than whiskey.

DSC05064_rew_small working hard on…

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„…you haven’t got a snowballs chance in hell!“


Nicole Fleck

… (Jim Bridwell, 1979, american rock climber and mountaineer)

Cerro Torre, free climbing movie

Well, strong words of a man that has pushed the standards in climbing ever since. Outstanding climbing talent David Lama seemed to seek for challenges like this and ignored all the horror stories of the legendary mountain CERRO TORRE located in Patagonia, Argentina and known for its steepness and human abysses.

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Rodeo – up and down the Lahningries

Nicole Fleck

Lahningries, Schneeberg, Austria Lahningries, Schneeberg, Austria

Sooo… folks…what you can’t see here you have to imagine!
After a very sporty weekend – I started the spring season on my racing cycle  and trained for the half marathon – I began to miss the mountains and therefore went on a splitboard tour with my shred buddy.

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3 days at the guttenberghaus winter shelter room.

we had a special time at the winter shelter room, read my report on my blog!

Stephanie Jagl-Posch

IMG_6310_2 on tuesday, the 25th of february, we were already excited in the morning, because we were going to hike up to the guttenberghaus  (at 2146 meters) and stay in the winter shelter room for 2 nights. we had planned our trip a few days earlier and with the good weather forecast, we knew it was time to realise our plan. we started packing on monday night, deciding how much food we should bring and what else could be crucial to have with us up on the mountain, besides our usual company, the avalanche beacon, shovel and probe. we made sure to take some sweets with us, to cheer us up and give us energy, our sleeping bags and something to read.

we picked up the key for the hut in ramsau, parked our car at the parking lot near the feistererhof and started our ascent. the sun was blazing down…

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FWQ** Open Faces Freeride Contest Kappl

survived yet another contest 😉
placed 4th at fwq** in kappl – read the full report on my blog.

Stephanie Jagl-Posch

1901262_10152226451107641_15822357_n packed bags for contest weekend

this weekend, we’ve been to kappl (near ischgl in tyrol) to compete in the fwq** contest there. originally, i thought i would have to compete in kappl alone, because roman didn’t make it onto the starting list immediately, but a few days before the weekend he received an e-mail that a few slots had opened up again. he agreed to take one of the slots and we were both really happy about it.

previously, the freeride world tour contest in fieberbrunn, that was meant to take place on the 1st of february, had been postponed due to the snow conditions to the 3rd of february, and took place on the same face in kappl, on which we were going to compete in the fwq** contest. since we were able to watch the fwt contest on the live stream, we had a good chance to check…

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